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  1. dlo

    Widget Zone II is a liquid theme for WordPress with a fully widgetized homepage whose layout is manageable by the visitor.

    Main features:

    • A homepage template configurable with widgets
    • New widgets like “multi-categories”, “multi-criteria posts” or “Netvibes”
    • End-user configurable layout
    • End-user hideable/showable information
    • End-user layout is saved and restore on each visit
    • Options for the theme, allowing to
      • display an horizontal menu under the header of the blog
      • set the entries of the horizontal menu
      • display a sidebar following the type of page
    • An option to activate comments on pages and not on posts only

    Home of Widget Zone II at http://didier.lorphelin.free.fr/blog/index.php/wordpress/widgetzone2/?lang_pref=en

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