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vSlider - WordPress Image Slider Plugin

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  1. Visitors are more attracted to images on a website and can be directed to specific products or pages trough them. Don’t you ever wanted to have a nice sliding section on your webpage like in those professional pages?

    vSlider is a jQuery based image slide show script that can display specific images on your WordPress based website with fading or sliding transitions. This way you can future the more important pages or products from your website or even other websites. How is different vSlider from any other WordPress image slider plugins? The answer is simple! It makes use of the core WordPress jQuery library, this makes it very tiny, about 20 kb, and you don’t have to have any knowledge of coding for using it! But the best part is just to come! It can use images from your posts using custom fields or scanning for images in the post to feature your latest posts from a specific category (for example a featured category), this way with every new post the slider will automatically update it self, so NO extra work for you. Or you can add your own images and where each image links to. vSlider is tested in different browsers and all settings are made from an easy to use options page. Do I mention that is free?
    You can set up:

    1. How many latest posts to rotate.
    2. Up to 5 custom images and links.
    3. Slider width and height.
    4. Animation Speed.
    5. Transition mode (fade and slide).
    6. Customize CSS to integrate it better in your WordPress theme.


    1. Unzip vSlider zip archive and upload it to wp-content/plugins/ folder
    2. Activate vSlider WordPress plugin
    3. Go to vSlider Setup options page from your WordPress dashboard and customize the image slider as you wish.
    4. Go to Appearance – Editor from your WordPress dashboard and edit your current WordPress theme. Copy this code <?php if (function_exists(’vSlider’)) { vSlider(); }?> outside of the loop in your theme to where you want the slider to appear:


    1. Set the slider with and height, the animation type, speed, number of post to feature and the featured category from the vSlider options menu.
    2. Set up custom CSS code for vSlider (for advanced users) from vSlider options menu.
    3. Add the path to the images and where to link if you want to use custom images.

    The vSlider WordPress plugin will scan the posts from the selected category and will show the first image found on the post. The image will be resized as you selected from the slider menu. If the image does not fit well from your post to the slider, simply edit your post, go to custom fields and add a new custom field named “slider” and as value add the path to the image you want to appear in the slider. In this case vSlider will pick the image added in the custom field.

    Demo: here.
    Download: here.

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