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  1. The User Level Themes v1.00 plugin has been officially released.

    What is the User Level Themes Plugin?
    The User Level Themes plugin allows a site administrator to select different themes for users with and without administrative access rights.

    This feature can be used to safely test a new theme while redirecting visitors to a known working theme.

    User Level Themes v1.00 Features
    The release of User Level Themes v1.00 plugin provides the following new features.

    • User selectable "Administrator Level" theme.
    • User selectable "Visitor Level" theme.
    • Utilization of the Wordpress Plugin Framework v0.04.

    Check it out for Yourself!
    The official User Level Themes project can be found on the Wordpress Extend website. You can download the latest version of the plugin from there as well as read about my latest development activities.

    You may also download the latest release of the User Level Themes plugin directly from the downloads section as well as join in the discussions concerning the development of the User Level Themes plugin in the User Level Themes forum.

    Let me know what you think!

    -- Keith

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