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UpdatePlugin: Author Avatars List

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  1. pbearne

    This plugin makes it easy to display lists of user avatars on your (multiuser) blog.

    It also allows to insert single avatars for blog users or any email address into a post or page. (Great for displaying an image of someone you're talking about.)

    Avatar lists can be inserted into your sidebar by adding a widget or into posts/pages by using a shortcode. The plugin comes with a tinymce editor plugin which makes inserting shortcodes very easy.

    Both shortcode and widget can be configured to...

    Show a custom title (widget only)
    Only show specific user groups and/or hide certain users
    Limit the number of users shown
    Change the sort order of users or show in random order
    Adjust the size of user avatars
    Show users from the current blog, all blogs or a selection of blogs (on WPMU)
    Group users by their blog (when showing from multiple blogs), and show the blog name above each grouping (experimental feature).
    The plugin makes use of built in wordpress (core) functions to retrieve user information and get avatars.

    Single user avatars can be inserted using the show_avatar shortcode and configured to...

    Adjust the size of the user avatar.
    Align the avatar left, centered or right.
    Please report bugs and provide feedback in the wordpress support forum. (I'm following all posts with the "author-avatars" tag.)

    Planned Features/Ideas:

    User information popup on rollover
    Advanced user display configuration / templates
    I18n: provide base for translations
    Any ideas or suggestions? tell us about it!
    Latest Changes (Version 0.6)
    Implementation of new Shortcode insertion wizard (tinymce plugin)
    Improved handling of script files and css stylesheets
    New classes FormHelper AuthorAvatarsForm for easy and consistent rendering of form fields
    Various Code Documentation Changes and Cleanups

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  2. URL?

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