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[Updated Plugin] yolink Search for WordPress 2.1

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    yolink Search for WordPress, from TigerLogic Corporation and WP Engine, is a state-of-the-art search plugin for WordPress that finally offers a reliable solution for WordPress search. Versions 2.0 & 2.1 of yolink have unveiled two exciting new features in multisite search capabilities and a feature for related articles to be displayed at the end of blog posts.

    Studies show that on average 43% of site visitors who don't bounce out will likely search for something. yolink Search for WordPress dramatically improves search on your site which helps to keep visitors on site longer, drive additional page views, maximize engagement, and puts your site in the best position to drive organic SEO by incorporating social share icons (call to action items) directly into search results.

    Two exciting new features unveiled in yolink Search for WordPress 2.0 and 2.1:

    1. Multisite search, an important feature for publishers managing multiple WordPress installations and sites. Publishers with multiple WordPress sites now have the ability to seamlessly promote and provide access to all of their content from one location.

    2. Related articles, which gives publishers the ability to display related article links at the end of each of their blog articles. Readers can now locate and read historical, related articles that publishers may not have originally tagged. In addition, publishers will benefit from the increased content visibility, engagement, and additional time on site.

    One installed and activated the plugin displays search results based on relevance instead of date, providing the usefulness of a Google Custom Search, while maintaining the look and feel of your WordPress site.

    Key Features:

    1. Provides better results based on relevance
    2. Search through posts, pages, portfolios, and other categories
    3. Identifies relevant content with multi-color keyword highlighting
    4. Search across multiple WP sites with multisite search
    5. Display related content at the end of your posts to drive more page views
    6. Fast, cloud-based indexing


    yolink Search for WordPress is FREE for all personal sites and blogs. Business plans with unlimited indexing begin at just $60/year. Register today and enjoy a free 30 day trial of yolink Search for WordPress.

    Note: To expedite your registration process please begin by installing the plugin from your WordPress dashboard.

    Get Started

    A yolink API key is required for yolink Search for WordPress to work on your site. Simply install and activate yolink from your dashboard, and you'll find the yolink settings page on your WordPress sidebar. Click "settings," and follow the instructions to generate your API key and register.

    yolink Search for WordPress was co-developed by TigerLogic and WP Engine. For more information about the best search plugin for WordPress, please visit our website.

    Visit the yolink Search for WordPress plugin page in the WordPress plugin directory.

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