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  1. Name: wpStoreCart
    License: LGPL
    Product demo page: Wordpress Ecommerce Plugin
    Product info page (with download link): http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpstorecart/
    Screenshot (if available):

    We last posted here 8 months. Here's a detail list of what's changed since then... it's long! We last posted in February regarding version 2.1.0. We're now on version 2.4.9, and have release 46 versions from then until now! If you tried us at the beginning, check out how much we've improved, grown, and adapted! Here's the changelog since our last post:

    = 2.4.9 =
    * Fixed: Fixed several issues with the diagnostics screen showing a blank textarea. Now, regardless of the restrictions on Apache and PHP, it will show whatever diagnostics information it can.
    * Added: The wpstorecart shortcode can now be used with other shortcodes. For example, this shortcode combination now works: [wpstorecart display="haspurchased" primkey="X"] [another_shortcode] [/wpstorecart]
    * Fixed: Removed a hard coded reference to my local database table and replaced it with the correct dynamic wpdb table name

    = 2.4.8 =
    * Fixed: there was an issue with 2.4.6 for people who were upgrading. 2.4.7 didn't update the stable tag in this readme.txt file

    = 2.4.7 =
    * Fixed: there was an issue with 2.4.6 for people who were upgrading.

    = 2.4.6 =
    * Fixed: wpsc-14 Sessions cart issues fixed! http://wpstorecart.com/bugtracker/thebuggenie/wpstorecart/issues/wpsc-14

    = 2.4.5 =
    * Fixed: Select/Unselect All in Edit Product admin page now works correctly
    * Added: In the Edit Product admin page, drag and drop the order you wish products to appear on the front end.
    * Added: In wp-admin > wpStoreCart > Settings > Display > Main Page > Content of the Main Page > added a new option: List all products in custom order
    * Fixed: Removed excess information from the Edit Products admin page

    = 2.4.4 =
    * Fixed: Updated the text on the Products page to no longer reference the ability to specify URLs for thumbnails.
    * Added: New shortcode. Display an Add to Cart button for any product, using [wpstorecart display="addtocart" primkey="3"] etc.
    * Added: Started adding the first of many Wordpress actions and filters. By version 3.0, we intend for wpStoreCart to have almost everything available via an action or filter, for full modification

    = 2.4.3 =
    * Added: You can now delete individual product downloads from the Downloads tab in Edit/Add Product admin panel. This will also attempt to remove them from the file system

    = 2.4.2 =
    * Added: Support for wpsc Membership PRO added
    * Removed: Default wpStoreCart theme no longer included.

    = 2.4.1 =
    * Added: You can easily add CSS classes to any Add to Cart, Checkout, or other wpStoreCart produced button from Settings > Display >
    * Fixed: PayPal success page now specifies the correct page
    * Added: Ability to manually specify the PayPal IPN URL (advanced users only)
    * Added: New Diagnostic page added, to help users help the admin solve bugs

    = 2.4.0 =
    * Added: Admin panel now has drop downs for all administrative menus
    * Added: Enhancement wpsc-5 - New payment failure page - http://wpstorecart.com/bugtracker/thebuggenie/wpstorecart/issues/wpsc-5
    * Fixed: wpStoreCart Default theme now displays the Home link if you set it to in the admin panel
    * Fixed: wpStoreCart is now working on WPMS, as long as you don't try and "Network Activate" Individual WPMS sites should have no problem using wpStoreCart individually.
    * Fixed: There was a recently discovered issue with product downloads which contained apostrophes. This has been fixed
    * Fixed: Solved an issue with exporting via CSV with line breaks.
    * Fixed: CSV importing now works! Yea!
    * Fixed: Updated SQL exporting to the latest database schema for the products table
    * Updated: The register/login/guest form on the checkout page is now in tables by default
    * Added: Taxes are now fully operational!!! http://wpstorecart.com/bugtracker/thebuggenie/wpstorecart/issues/wpsc-4

    = 2.3.17 =
    * Added: You can now specify a regular and a discount price. If a discount price is present, then the regular price is crossed out, replaced with the discount price.
    * Fixed: Stripslashes was added to most output

    = 2.3.16 =
    * Added: Custom menu support to wpStoreCart Default theme
    * Added: Post thumbnail support added to wpStoreCart Default theme
    * Added: Can now toggle between HTML and Rich Editor in the products description
    * Added: Draft and Publish modes for products. When you click the Add Product menu, it now immediately creates a new draft product & page.
    * Added: Client side form validation added to the admin panel on Add/Edit products page.
    * Added: When a PayPal dispute or claim is settled, instead of marking the Order Status as Canceled_Reversal, it is now remarked Completed, and the order is made available to download again
    * Fixed: The edit product page now detects if your product page was deleted, and will optionally recreate a new one, or allow you to edit the product without a page associated with it
    * Fixed: Bug report wpsc-37 - http://wpstorecart.com/bugtracker/thebuggenie/wpstorecart/issues/wpsc-37
    * Fixed: Bug report wpsc-49 - http://wpstorecart.com/bugtracker/thebuggenie/wpstorecart/issues/wpsc-49
    * Fixed: Bug report wpsc-11 - http://wpstorecart.com/bugtracker/thebuggenie/wpstorecart/issues/wpsc-11
    * Fixed: Removed depreciated attribute_escape() function calls and replaced them with esc_attr()
    * Fixed: All wpStoreCart Default theme issues listed here: http://themes.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/4149

    = 2.3.15 =
    * New wpStoreCart admin panel interface finished and made default
    * Fixed a bug with the wpStoreCart 3 beta menu system disappearing when updating any setting
    * Added more PHPDOC blocks to whip this code base into order before the big revisions really begin
    * Added /wpstorecart/php/class.shipping.php which allows UPS shipping quotes without needing to signup to their process
    * Removed the jqueryui folder from the plugin

    = 2.3.14 =
    * Added the ability to determine the order in which the quantity, pic, name, price, & remove are displayed on the checkout page & widget wpStoreCart > Settings > Display > Checkout Page > Field Order
    * Added the ability to switch between a new table based checkout or the original DIV based checkout wpStoreCart > Settings > Display > Checkout Page > Checkout XHTML Type
    * Icky. Used a few inline styles on the registration/checkout process. You can turn this off from wpStoreCart > Settings > Display > Checkout Page > Disable Inline Styles? set to Yes
    * jQuery UI Theme setting in wpStoreCart > Settings > Display > has been depreciated. If you want jQuery UI styles, then use a plugin dedicated to that. jQuery UI CSS markup is still present in wpStoreCart
    * Fixed a bug which caused the product title to be displayed on the main page, even when it was set to Off
    * Added new shortcode options orderby and ordertype, see the shortcode documentation for full details

    = 2.3.13 =
    * Updated the readme.txt file

    = 2.3.12 =
    * User profiles are now optionally editable from the My Orders & Downloads page. Configure this at wpStoreCart > Settings > Display > My Orders & Downloads Page > Profile Editable?
    * Fixed bug wpsc-40 : http://wpstorecart.com/bugtracker/thebuggenie/wpstorecart/issues/wpsc-40
    * Fixed the Display settings tab, as it was incorrectly labeled Products since 2.3.11

    = 2.3.11 =
    * Fixed Bug report wpsc-26
    * Fixed the Wordpress admin footer on wpStoreCart pages, to make it compatible with Wordpress 3.2
    * Changed the logo size for Wordpress 3.2
    * Admin tab buttons recolored to match Wordpress 3.2

    = 2.3.10 =
    * Turned testing mode and error reporting off

    = 2.3.9 =
    * Fixed an incompatiblitiy with Wordpress 3.2, bug [wpsc-31](http://wpstorecart.com/bugtracker/thebuggenie/wpstorecart/issues/wpsc-31 "Fixed bug wpsc-31")
    * Initial support added for Quickbooks Merchant Services payment gateway (PRO only)

    = 2.3.8 =
    * My Orders and Downloads page now has editable form fields (optionally)
    * Downloads altered to stop the attempt to turn off gzip
    * Added support for the Bug Genie bug tracker, testing it with this release. Bug wpsc-1 fixed

    = 2.3.7 =
    * Added a new role to Wordpress: wpStoreCart Manager
    * Added the ability to change the role needed to access wpStoreCart admin pages. Check it out from the General Settings options page.
    * Exposed a pre-release version of the new wpStoreCart 3 admin design. Check it out from the General Settings options page.

    = 2.3.6 =
    * New shortcode added: [wpstorecart displaytype="grid"] and [wpstorecart displaytype="list"]
    * Prices of products can now be displayed on the main page
    * Addressed some issues with categories rendering, including free shipping implementation

    = 2.3.5 =
    * Fixed issues with adding categories under IIS

    = 2.3.4 =
    * Added the ability to display the product's thumbnails during checkout (set it up at wpStoreCart > Settings > Display > Checkout Page > Display product thumbnails? > Yes)
    * Updated wpStoreCart Default theme to version 1.1.2 (for new installs only, for other users, please use the automatic theme upgrade!)

    = 2.3.3 =
    * ShareYourCart integration now uses SSL by default
    * New ShareYourCart shortcode: [wpstorecart display="shareyourcart"]

    = 2.3.2 =
    * Fixed bug that caused the My Orders & Downloads link in the login widget to point to the wrong page.
    * Picture gallery debug input boxes are now hidden when editing products
    * Updated wpStoreCart Default theme to version 1.1.1 (for new installs only, for other users, please use the automatic theme upgrade!)
    * Now, when you change from one Mainpage to another, the product pages will automatically reassign the new mainpage as their parent.
    * Added some code to try and fix the SESSION issues for some wpStoreCart users

    = 2.3.1 =
    * Fixed an issue with the picture galleries not rendering

    = 2.3.0 =
    * wpStoreCart Desktop Alert API added for wpStoreCart PRO users
    * Added an optional lightbox for product thumbnail
    * Added a new shortcode: [wpstorecart display="gallery" primkey="X"]
    * Did some minor UI updates to the admin panel
    * Added ShareYourCart.com integration for social networking marketing
    * Fixed bug with store on/off feature not actually disabling the store.
    * Fixed an issue with the coupons not applying during checkout at PayPal

    = 2.2.9 =
    * Added the ability to issue serial numbers and other information with each downloadable product. Use the Edit Products > Downloads tab to add serial numbers
    * Added the ability to specify an Orders & Downloads page in General Settings
    * New email added: Email Sent When Issuing Serial Number
    * Fixed a bug that had caused the emails that were to be sent after an order is approved to fail
    * Added a new tab for product editing: downloads
    * Fixed a bug that caused PayPal donations to be activated when they should not be
    * Added the echoFields() method to the PaymentGateway() class for debugging problems in the payment gateway
    * Started adding a new mode to the cart that uses Cookies instead of Sessions to store the carts contents

    = 2.2.8 =
    * Fixed a bug that prevented the add to cart button from being hidden when it is set to be hidden

    = 2.2.7 =
    * Coupons can now have a percentage discount, a flat rate discount, or both.
    * Coupons can now be used on the entire cart, as well as being limited to specific products
    * Added support for ThreeWP Activity Monitor plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/threewp-activity-monitor/
    * ThreeWP Activity Monitor shows all: product views, downloads, checkouts, affiliate page views, orders page views for logged in users
    * Fixed a bug that happened when using "Store Mode" set to "Digital Products Only". The bug was that inventory was not disabled in the front end, but it was disabled in the back end.
    * Products now have the option to not display an "Add to Cart" button unless you're viewing the product on the products page. This setting is in the Variations tab, when editing products

    = 2.2.6 =
    * Product admin area now has a tabbed interface
    * Inline editing of variations using Ajax (previously editing variations was not possible)
    * Added Advanced Variations, including a new database table: wpstorecart_av
    * Updated the system that checks for updates, and depreciated the database versioning system in favor of using $wpstorecart_version_int

    = 2.2.5 =
    * Updated the readme.txt file

    = 2.2.4 =
    * Fixed a bug with shipping calculations not working on product variations
    * Fixed a bug with the Calculate Shipping prompt appearing when all items are flat rate shipped
    * Added a new text field: Guest Checkout, which is displayed when registration is optional before checkout
    * Fixed a number of minor issues

    = 2.2.3 =
    * Fixed a bug with shipping calculations coming up blank with flat rate shipping selected
    * Fixed a bug with the USPS shipping calculator not calculating the weight properly when quantity was more than 1 of an item
    * Finished making registration an optional requirement
    * Updated the My Orders and Purchases page

    = 2.2.2 =
    * wpStoreCart and the wpStoreCart Theme now (mostly) passes w3c validation for XHTML 1.0 Transitional, although there's still an issue left

    = 2.2.1 =
    * Turned the advanced error reporting off by default (it was left on by mistake.)

    = 2.2.0 =
    * Added page pagination for products and categories
    * Added the ability to make registration optional (still a work in progress)
    * Added the ability to turn coupons on or off globally and to hide the coupon form when they are disabled
    * Added the ability to create, edit, delete, and reorder optional and required profile fields for registration and/or checkout
    * Added the "Setup Wizard", a new, user friendly way to quickly and easily setup wpStoreCart
    * Initial "wpStoreCart needs to be configured" error message now prompts first time users to run the Setup Wizard.
    * Added UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipping options with calculations (disabled on digital only stores) (work in progress)
    * Added weight, length, width, and height attributes to products (disabled on digital only stores)
    * Added shipping to the checkout information
    * Added $devOptions['storetype'] which configures the site for physical, digital, or mixed stores
    * Added integration with the wpStoreCartTheme wordpress theme.
    * Added Username, Password, Email, Total, Shipping, Login, Logout, My Orders and Purchases, Required Symbol, Required Symbol Description, and Register to the language menu
    * Added the ability to display shipping, subtotal, and total in the checkout page and widget, configurable from the Display Settings admin page
    * Started the process of adding phpDoc blocks to the source code of wpStoreCart, for better readability and 3rd party code additions
    * Removed usage of WP_PLUGIN_URL and replaced with plugins_url() to help make wpStoreCart more SSL friendly (front end only, admin not finished)
    * Changes the logo to wpStoreCart PRO when PRO is installed, changed most admin images
    * Disables the Wordpress 3.1 admin bar for users who are not administrators, for compatibilities sake
    * Reorganized the Display Settings admin page
    * Loads the Wordpress core file pluggable.php to insure compatibility
    * Fixed default value missing for PayPal active
    * Fixed a bug with Authorize.NET and 2CheckOut not getting the right price for multiple items
    * wpStoreCart News added to the overview page
    * Added advanced error reporting tools for developers working with wpStoreCart
    * Added configurable page pagination
    * By request, added the ability to accept Liberty Reserve with wpscPayments PRO and wpStoreCart PRO

    = 2.1.8 =
    * Fixed more issues with the downloads not working correctly
    * Fixed a problem with variations not working for new downloads. This problem didn't effect those who upgraded to 2.1.x, only those who did fresh installs

    = 2.1.7 =
    * Fixed an issue with downloads not working on specific server installations.

    = 2.1.6 =
    * When visiting the checkout page when there are no items in the cart, the user will from now on not see any of the buttons (update, checkout, etc)
    * Order page now lets you show Completed, Pending, and Refunded orders from the main admin menu and from the order sorting options
    * Customers who upgrade wpStoreCart PRO installations automatically will no longer have to reinstall their PRO modules separately after the auto upgrade

    = 2.1.5 =
    * Fixed an issue with variation displaying unwanted output on the frontend

    = 2.1.4 =
    * Fixed fatal error when adding products

    = 2.1.3 =
    * Added left and right currency symbols to front end
    * Fixed bug with username not appearing in the User field when editing an order
    * Streamlined the order page so that the interface was less cluttered and important information was more prevalent

    = 2.1.2 =
    * Fixed a fatal error that effected some users

    = 2.1.1 =
    * Forcing an update for the Wordpress.org Plugin Repository

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