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[Updated Plugin] wpStoreCart 2.1 - Open Source eCommerce

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  1. * wpStoreCart
    * LGPL
    * Demo: http://wpstorecart.com/
    * Product info page (with download link): http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpstorecart/

    wpStoreCart wpStoreCart is a free, open source, and full featured e-commerce platform built atop of WordPress. It is easy to use, lightweight, heavily supported and constantly updated with new features.

    Over the last 2 months we've done a ton of updates, including:
    = 2.1.0 =
    * Product variations added
    * Products can now have multiple downloadable files and multiple pictures added in the Add/Edit Products admin
    * Progress bars added to uploads
    * Admin panel upgraded to dropdown menus, CSS redone to make the interface more professional
    * When editing a product, a link is now present that lets you view the product's page
    * Added preliminary support for jQuery UI, which will be powering both the frontend (optionally) and the admin panel backend in future versions of wpStoreCart.
    * Included the 24 default jQuery UI Themes.
    * Added Donation options for product payment, supported only in PayPal payment module, but falls back to a standard purchase for other payment gateways or if the cart contains non-discount items.
    * Updated the database schema so that products have a donation boolean flag
    * Added the $wpstorecart_version_int variable
    * $testing_mode variable added. If set to true, this will enable bleeding edge features that may not be stable. This should only be set to true on test sites
    * TESTING MODE ONLY: Added basic Import/Export functionality. Will be unlocked in version 2.2 and above (or sooner)
    * Last 30 days gross revenue added to Overview/admin dashboard widget
    * All time gross revenue added to Overview/admin dashboard widget
    * Fixed issue with category thumbnails URLs not sticking inside the admin form after update
    * Added .wpsc-products and .wpsc-categories CSS classes that are added to .wpsc-grid and .wpsc-list styled DIVs.
    * Currency not asks for Left Currency Symbol and Right Currency Symbol

    = 2.0.13 =
    * Orders can now be sorted in the admin panel by user, status, processor, date, affiliate, or price.
    * Fixed bug with coupon not being applied during PayPal checkout
    * Images and other settings that were not correctly applied to browsing categories are fixed
    * Fixed bug with checkout page not displaying for some users

    = 2.0.12 =
    * New shortcode added for wpStoreCart PRO users: [wpstorecart display="affiliate"] which displays the user's affiliate management panel
    * .wpsc-table-tr-colorstrip and .wpsc-table-tr CSS classes added

    = 2.0.11 =
    * Added error messages to the registration process during checkout
    * Added graceful exit via redirect to the registration process during checkout
    * Added error messages in the admin panel if /uploads/wpstorecart/ or /uploads/ directories are missing and could not be created
    * Fixed problem with checkout_2checkout_button and checkout_checkmoneyorder_button not displaying text
    * Updated the database schema and added a new table: wpstorecart_meta. This table holds generic information about tons of small, added detail
    * New CSS class .wpsc-textarea added
    * Added the ability for a manual order customer to send a note to the store admin regarding their purchase after checkout
    * Updated the email that is sent after orders so that it sends from the wpStoreCart email address specified in the settings

    = 2.0.10 =
    * Fixed non-updating quantities in shortcode
    * Made charts wider by default
    * Fixed a problem with the login widget for users not using custom permalinks
    * Added buttons that were missing for check/money order purchasing

    = 2.0.9 =
    * Fixed problem with cash/check payment gateway
    * Added category widget
    * Added pie chart to admin dashboard widget
    * Added bar chart with last 30 days sales chart to admin dashboard widget
    * Cleaned up the admin dashboard a little bit

    = 2.0.8 =
    * Fixed a problem with coupons not working: http://wpstorecart.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=52#p120
    * Ability to accept mailed in payments added (cash, money order, check, etc)
    * .wpsc-checkmoneyordercheckout CSS class added
    * checkout_checkmoneyorder_button $devOptions added
    * Fixed problem with payment gateway coming up blank
    * Fixed problem with shipping not getting recorded to the database

    = 2.0.7 =
    * New shortcode [wpstorecart display="orders"] added
    * Fixed categories not displaying correctly
    * Forced default thumbnails for categories, even if none was specifically specified

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