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[Updated Plugin]: WP Google-buzz v1.3.5

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  1. Google Buzz. Beautiful Google buzz integration to wordpress + admin panel options (Settings -> WP Google-buzz) + 13 diff button images + mouse over effects.

    Automatically displays Google Buzz button for every post and pages. Google Buzz is shaping up to be an interesting new way to share content with your Gmail friends, so why not have a button for sharing blog posts/pages to the service? To make it work, you'll need to make sure you've set up Google Reader and included that in your Connected Sites on Buzz. Ultimate all in one Google Buzz buttons.

    More will come to next releases of WP Google-buzz. Please stay tuned. Try it now & enjoy. Happy buzzing!

    Home page: http://arpitshah.com/plugins/wp-google-buzz/
    WP Link: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-google-buzz/

    Arpit Shah

    Posted: 4 years #
  2. Arpit,

    Considering the super frequent update of this plugin, please keep the minor releases in a single post out here. They don't really need a separate post.

    Besides, we keep track of every single post, so it won't be missed

    Posted: 4 years #
  3. New version released: [Updated Plugin]: WP Google-buzz v1.8.0

    Posted: 4 years #

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