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[Updated Plugin]: WP Archive-Sitemap Generator v4.1.0

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  1. WP Archive-Sitemap Generator plugin generates simple Archives/Sitemap based on your blogs posts and pages. This is not another XML sitemap plugin, but rather a nice post sitemap or page sitemap generator. Now user can show total comments count after posts.

    Homepage link: http://arpitshah.com/plugins/wp-archive-sitemap-generator/


    NEW: Comment count option for posts added
    Admin panel option (Settings->Archive-Sitemap) available.
    Very easy to use. Just add <!--wp-archive-sitemap-generator--> to page/post under HTML section.
    Generates Pages and Posts archive-sitemap.
    Post sorting option available.
    Page archive option available.
    Page Navigation option added for posts on sitemap (in v0.9.7).
    User can specify number of posts/page (in v0.9.9).

    Posted: 3 years #

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