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[Updated Plugin] Ultimate Taxonomy Manager

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  1. This plugin is an Easy to use Taxonomy Manager to Customize Taxonomies and its Custom Fields, with great User Interface.
    Some Features:

    • Create Custom Taxonomies
    • Customize every detail of Taxonomy
    • Create Custom Fields for Taxonomy
    • Show Taxonomy as Combo box on New post/Custom Post type
      page(Provides ability to select only single Taxonomy).
    • Create same Taxonomy for multiple Post types.
    • Manage Custom fields for all taxonomies registered (Except Media).
    • Supports creation of custom fields as textbox, combo box.
    • Easy to use interface.
    • Short codes to display custom values wherever you want to display.
    • Ability to add image to custom fields
    • Improved User Interface.
    • Stable version.
    Posted: 3 years #
  2. Updated For WordPress Multisite.:)


    Posted: 3 years #
  3. Link?

    Posted: 3 years #
  4. Updates:
    - Updated Shortcodes to access data,
    - Added function xydac_cloud to access Taxonomy Data outside the loop
    - Many Bug fixes.

    Link : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ultimate-taxonomy-manager/
    Plugin Page Link : https://taxonomymanager.wordpress.com

    Posted: 3 years #
  5. Updated to 1.1.9

    Fixed bugs
    Enhancement : Use custom html directly in term fields
    Enhancement : Textarea type added to field type list.
    Fixed issues involving editing of custom field
    Fixed jquery errors

    Posted: 3 years #
  6. Updated to 2.0
    Fixed issue with image uploads.
    Add CSS design to forms.
    Fixed the UI

    Posted: 1 year #

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