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[Updated Plugin] Ultimate Post Type Manager

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  1. This plugin is an Easy to use Custom Post Type Manager to Customize Post Types, with great UI.
    Download Now

    Plugin URL : - HomePage

    Some Features

    • Create Custom Post Types.
    • Customize every detail of Post Type.
    • Create Rewrites for Permalink
    • Manage Supported Feature such as Title,Content,Excerpt,Comments etc.
    • Very Easy to use interface.
    • Automatically adds the Post type Count to Right Now box on Dashboard
    • Automatically adds display of all post types to homepage and Feeds.
    • Major Updates
    • Now Create Custom Fields for any Post Type
    • Use Shortcode to display Custom Fields.
    • Custom Field of Types Text, Textarea, Combobox.


    Posted: 3 years #
  2. Updated for WordPress Multisite.:)


    Posted: 3 years #
  3. Updates :
    Added Enhancement to add default Category, Post Tags to any Post type.
    Fixed Bugs
    Fixed breaking of code on homepage and feeds


    Posted: 3 years #
  4. Updated to 1.5
    = 1.5 =
    * Custom Field Orders
    * UI Improvement
    * Updates all available options for WordPress 3.1
    * Fixed Bugs
    * Fixed Checkboxes and Radiobuttons.

    Posted: 3 years #
  5. Updated to 1.6
    # Option to define the template for post type
    # Import/Export Custom Post Types
    # Option to Make Your Own Custom Field Type.
    # New Custom Fields Such as Image,Link,Textarea, Rich Text area, Image Gallery.
    # Tabbed UI in Edit Post Meta Box.

    Posted: 3 years #
  6. Updated to 1.6.9
    * Shortcodes should be working in custom post type format.
    * Improved UX/UI
    * Added function xydac_get_post_meta to access values directly with php
    * Fixed working of Fields with - in fieldname
    * Removed advanced option while adding custom post types.
    * Fixed minor issues of message updated.
    * Fieldtype:Image- Added WordPress inbuilt media library support.
    * Fieldtype:CheckBox- Fixed Minor Issues.
    * Added Enter Title Here Label
    * Added shortcode list in the post.

    Posted: 3 years #

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