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[Updated Plugin] Tweet2Download 1.4.0

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  1. Tweet2Download allows a wordpress blog to require a tweet and a follow in exchange for the downloads available on the blog. It is a viral marketing tool that effectively turns your downloads into viral downloads, and since it’s open source it gives you the best kind of marketing tool there is: a free marketing tool.

    If you have a blog that provides downloads, this plugin is the perfect twitter marketing tool for you. Tweet2Download allows you to require a tweet and a follow in exchange for a download on your blog.

    The plugin is well suited for blogs that offer ezines, software, code, design creatives, tutorials, music, videos, torrent files or any kind of download for that matter.

    = 1.4.0 =

    • fixed compatibility issues with WordPress 3.3
    • adjusted settings page to reflect Twitter APP changes

    = 1.3.0 =

    • plugin is now able to reveal hidden content on the page in exchange for a tweet and a follow
    • added ability to customize the Tweet2Download button with the [tweet2downloadhtml] shortcode
    • some bugfixes

    = 1.2.1 =

    • First public release

    License: GPL v2

    Homepage: http://inspiredcore.com/tweet2download-wordpress-plugin

    Posted: 2 years #

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