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[Updated Plugin] Top 10

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  1. Name: Top 10
    Description: Track daily and total visits on your blog posts and display the count as well as popular posts.

    Info page: http://ajaydsouza.com/wordpress/plugins/top-10/
    WordPress Extend Page: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/top-10/

    Posted: 3 years #
  2. Hi,

    I have updated my plugin to v1.9. Key feature changes include:

    * Added: Option to use timthumb to resize thumbnails
    * Added: New variable %overallcount% that will display the total pageviews on the blog across all posts
    * Added: Post thumbnails are now properly resized based on width and height settings in the Top 10 settings page
    * Added: Customise what to display when there are no top posts detected
    * Added: New scheduled maintenance to clear up daily tables and optimise performance
    * Added: Custom CSS code to style the output. Check out the available styles in the FAQ.
    * Modified: New "default.png" file based on from KDE’s Oxygen icon set
    * Modified: Dashboard list of posts now displays all the top posts and pages instead of the filtered list based on Settings.
    * Modified: Dashboard widget now has options to customise the widget. Old widgets have been deleted
    * Modified: When fetching the first image, plugin ignores external images
    * Modified: Minor performance tweaks

    Release post explaining the changes:

    Posted: 2 years #

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