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[Updated Plugin] Statcomm 1.7.10

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  1. Just 2 months and 12k downloads from its first release!
    StatComm (STATpress COMMunity) is a powerful statistics plugin.
    In this current release we added new features such as:

    * Lazy cache: queries and most results are cached, improving the performance while the plugin is used.
    * Query counter: you know how many queries does this plugin makes and also how many caches.
    * Improved table database design
    * Improved performance: 30x (approx.). Typical time should be under two **seconds** to see 50 columns with 200k records.
    * Added error pages information in the graphic view (in red)(activate it from option panel).
    * Added extended information in the graphic view. Hover the graphic's date to see a resume day by day
    * Improved migration procedure, detecting set_time_limit disabled on some servers.
    * Fixed: plugin avoids to load styles and javascript to other pages in the admin dashboard.

    Please visit http://www.wpgetready.com to follow last updates, or download it from Wordpress Repository.


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