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[Updated Plugin] Socialize 2.2

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  1. Socialize is a social sharing and bookmarking plugin built from the ground up to help increase inbound traffic to your WordPress site. Socialize allows users to easily add buttons to posts through an extra settings panel on the post/page edit screen. By only displaying the more relevant and socially successful posts, you create a form of social proof that might encourage more shares, comments and subscriptions. Socialize also lets editors add a custom call to action below their posts to encourage comments, ask for subscriptions and promote products.

    In the latest version:

    • Added shortcodes
    • Floating share bar
    • Developer API
    • Cleaner button CSS
    • Users can now update old posts with their new default button settings

    Socialize Plugin Page & Demo - Socialize on WordPress.org

    License: GPL2

    Posted: 2 years #

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