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[Updated Plugin] Socialize

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  1. Socialize is a WordPress plugin that gives publishers the ability to selectively add actionable social media/social bookmarking buttons to their posts without having to edit the meta keys/values like most other plugins require. The plugin also adds some actionable text to the bottom of your posts that encourages the reader to subscribe and comment.

    The plugin stays updated with the most popular sharing buttons, most recently adding Pinterest and Buffer support.

    Also, in an effort to make as small a footprint as possible, I've changed the settings area to a tabbed layout and moved it under Settings to open up real estate in the admin sidebar.

    This plugin is my pride and joy with a very enthusiastic and loyal userbase. In an effort to be more transparent in the plugins development I've started using GitHub so users can follow along with changes and try beta versions as they become stable.

    Socialize Plugin Page - Socialize on WordPress.org - Socialize on GitHub

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