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[Updated Plugin] Social Media Tabs 1.3

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  1. Major update - now includes new google +1 feed, pinterest latest pins, flickr gallery & option to include your own widget via a custom tab. Plus Twitter, facebook, RSS feed and Youtube tabs.

    Plugin can handle multiple social media tab widgets per page each with different user profiles.

    The tabs can be added to either a widget area or set to slide out from the side of the browser. Allows you to organise your many social media feeds into one compact area. Navigate through each tab with either vertical or horizontal sliding animation.
    Tabbed panel options include:

    • Method - Select either a "static" or a "Slide Out" panel
    • Location - location for slide out tabs can be to position anywhere at the side of the browser.
    • Direction - For the sliding choose to display the buttons horizontally or vertically.
    • Auto-Close - If checked, the panel will automatically slide closed when the user clicks anywhere in the browser window
    • Load Open - Option to show the tabs open when the page loads
    • Set order in which your facebook, google, rss, youtube and twitter tabs appear.
    • Set the number of feed items to display
    • Option to open all links in new window

    License: GPL v2
    Project Page:

    Demo Page:

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