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[Updated Plugin] Slick Social Share Buttons 1.2.6

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  1. Add facebook, twitter, google +1, digg, google buzz, linkedin, and stumbledupon social media buttons in a slick floating or slide out tab.

    Options include:

    • Fully customised button location
    • Option to open the sliding button panel on page load.
    • Select size of social media buttons with live preview
    • Easily change the order of the buttons in the plugin options page using drag and drop
    • Select whether to show on - the WordPress home page, posts, pages, category Pages and archive pages.
    • Position floating buttons based on center of page as well as browser edge. Ideal for fixed width websites!
    • URL shortening for twitter using either bit.ly, digg, su.pr or tinyurl.
    • Shortcodes to add text links in the page content, which can open/close the button panel.

    License: GPL v2

    Project Page:

    Demo Pages:
    Vertical slide out buttons:
    Horizontal slide out buttons:
    Floating Buttons:

    See project page for more demos and screenshoots

    Posted: 3 years #
  2. This is a very good plugin for sharing activity..I found no trouble when I use it on my blog for the first time. But I want a simple appearance on my blog. I just like a button style that stick at every post..I mean at the bottom of every post.. Can u suggest me where I can find it?
    Thank for this great plugin :)

    Posted: 2 years #

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