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[Updated Plugin] Search Engine v0.5.5

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  1. In this release, I've added Object Monitoring code, this is basic right now - Just WP Posts / Pages / CPT - Pods support coming when Pods 2.0 is released. I've also done quite a bit of bug fixing from communicating with users and issues they've run to on specific hosts / sites.

    This plugin is a Search Engine for WordPress that indexes pages on a site and provides comprehensive search functionality.

    All you do is install the plugin, and index your site. You can setup cronjobs to reindex hourly, daily, or weekly on your Server - or do it manually on an as needed basis. Indexing covers Full Pages as the visitor sees them.

    So... that means Sidebars, Widgets, Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types, Pod Pages, Plugin Generated Content, Title tags, Meta tags, Template code, and anything else your visitor can see anywhere on your site is indexed and searchable.

    This plugin can also index and search content that exists outside of your WordPress site, such as on other domains / sub-domains or other parts of your site external to WordPress. The search feature is currently limited to a single 'site' (domain/sub-domain) per search, so you can't search across multiple sites yet.


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