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[Updated Plugin] Rico Ajax Menu

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  1. obaq

    Demo: http://www.purekids.hk/blog/obaq/?p=236
    Download: http://www.purekids.hk/blog/downloads/rico-ajax-menu.zip

    This plugin will create a menu with tabs, accordions or pulldowns using Rico Ajax(http://openrico.org/).
    Please have a look the examples here.
    May be useful to make a neat ‘About Me’, simple photo gallery and so on.
    Now, you can create a widget with the menus of ‘Recent Posts’, ‘Categories’, ‘Pages’, ‘Archives’, ‘Links’, ‘Calender’ and ‘Recent Comments’.
    Now, the menu can have transparent effects.
    Now, the accordion and pulldown menu can have sprites on the headers.
    Now, the widget of accordion and pulldown menu can use a sprite image.
    Now, you can set the width of a tab for Tab Menu.
    Now, you can use customised header titles for [RECENTPOSTS], [CATEGORIES], [PAGES], [ARCHIVES], [LINKS], [CALENDAR] and [RECENTCOMMENTS] of the menus on the posts.
    Now, you can use include a simple html file in the contents of a menu.

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