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[Updated plugin] Q2W3 Post Order

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  1. Name: Q2W3 Post Order
    Version: 1.1.0
    License: GPL
    Product info page: http://www.q2w3.ru/q2w3-post-order-wordpress-plugin/
    Screenshots : http://www.q2w3.ru/q2w3-post-order-wordpress-plugin/

    This plugin is a descendant of a well known AStickyPostOrderER plugin. Because it was not updated for a long time I decided to make an upgrade.

    The main changes are:
    Since version 1.1.0 added ability to

    (see FAQ for details)
    Plugin was completely rewritten
    Now you can change order of posts for custom taxonomy and custom post type archive pages
    Removed Meta-Stickiness options - the plugin became lighter, faster and easier to use
    Added support for internationalization
    Advanced uninstall
    Plugin settings page was moved from Tools to Settings section

    Supported languages: English

    Posted: 2 years #

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