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[Updated Plugin] OSM - OpenStreetMap V1.1.1

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  1. The latest version of the WordPress OpenStreetMap plugin focuses on GPX tracks and bugfixing:

    * NEW: extended rights to upload GPX files in the WP Mediathek
    * NEW: CSS file to adapt to local needs
    * FIX: WP-Theme zBench fix
    * FIX: HTML tag if post is geotagged
    * FIX: z-index at shortcode generator

    Sites about this plugin:

    * Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/osm/
    * Plugin-site: http://www.fotomobil.at/wp-osm-plugin
    * Plugin-forum: http://www.fotomobil.at/wp-osm-plugin-forum
    * Wiki-site: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Wp-osm-plugin
    * Author-Blog: http://www.HanBlog.net

    Find an article on this plugin version with samples about GPX tracks in OpenStreetMap:

    * http://www.HanBlog.net/?p=3843

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