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[Updated Plugin] Media Library Assistant

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  1. Media Library Assistant Enhances the Media Library; powerful [mla_gallery], taxonomy

    support, IPTC/EXIF processing, bulk & quick edit actions and where-used reporting.


    Version 1.10 has just been released, featuring:

    * New: Attachment metadata such as file size, dimensions and where-used status can be assigned to WordPress custom fields. These custom fields can be added to the Media/Assistant submenu table as sortable columns and displayed in [mla_gallery] shortcode output.

    * New: Integrates with Photonic Gallery (plugin), so you can add slideshows, thumbnail strips and special effects to your [mla_gallery] galleries.

    * Fix: Edit Media screen with appropriate message displayed after "Map ... Metadata" actions.
    * Fix: SQL View (supporting ALT Text sorting/searching) now created only when required and dropped immediately after use. Avoids conflicts with database backup/restore utilities.
    * Fix: "Map IPTC/EXIF Metadata" link moved from Image Metadata box to Save Metadata box.
    * Fix: Field-level debug information removed from bulk edit messages.
    * Fix: PHP Notice for NULL post metadata keys resolved.
    * Fix: PHP Notice for images without "sizes" metadata array resolved.

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