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[Updated Plugin] iRedlof Ajax Login Pro v4.0

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  1. “iRedlof Ajax Login Pro v 4.0” is a jQuery Based Wordpress plug-in which is loaded with advanced Ajax effects.

    This plug-in helps you avoid the conventional Wordpress login and instead provides you and your website users to login on a more compelling UI which provides login on a composite form for existing as well as novice users.

    The new iRedlof Ajax Login Pro v 4.0 provides the admin with new easy configurable options and the users with functionality which is more efficient and elegant.

    For more details, do checkout the below links for demo website with loaded plug-in:

    Read More: http://blog.iredlof.com/2009/05/iredlof-ajax-login-pro-wordpress-plugin/

    Plug-in Demo: http://sandbox.iredlof.com


    1. If you need support a onetime installation, activation and configuration support is charged at $15 extra.

    2. Above support does not include modification in plug-in or solving the complexities created due to conflict with other plug-ins. A extra charge will be posed for solving such issues.

    3. You can contact us from hire me menu on top if you need additional modifications in this plug-in or need help in solving the complexities.

    Installation Manual: http://forum.iredlof.com/index.php/topic,9.0.html

    Sponsored: iRedlof
    License: $53.50

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