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[Updated Plugin] HubSpot for WordPress

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  1. The goal was to allow WordPress users to take advantage of HubSpot Lead Nurturing, Website Analytics, and assorted features of the HubSpot CMS that are missing in WordPress.

    The plugin does a bunch of things for both customers and non-customers alike.

    Non-Customers can:
    - Easily forward feed requests to Feedburner AND rewrite links to feeds on your site
    - Use a widget to allow users to subscribe to your Feedburner feed via email
    - Use a shortcode to easily create a Team Page out of your registered WordPress users
    - Use a shortcode to easily add a Google Map with address info
    - Use a "Call to Action" post type with basic impression/click stats
    -- Use a shortcode to easily insert actions into your pages and posts
    -- Use a widget to easily insert actions into your sidebar

    Customers enjoy the added benefit of:
    - Integrated analytics
    - An easy way to add custom lead forms to any page/post with a shortcode
    - A widget that displays links to your Social Media accounts set up in HubSpot
    - And other cool ways to view/manage your HubSpot account right in WordPress

    The goal for the whole plugin is to keep it simple and easy. There is documentation scattered throughout and we focused on using as many built-in features as possible to keep the integration seamless.

    The plugin makes use of the following built in WordPress features:
    - Custom Content Types
    - Shortcodes
    - Widgets
    - Contextual Help
    - TinyMCE PopUp

    Name: HubSpot for WordPress
    License: GPL
    Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/hubspot/
    Screenshots: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/hubspot/screenshots/

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