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  1. Security Fix

    We were alerted last week of a security flaw with Uploadify by the WordPress team. Uploadify is used for several things within FoxyPress (Affiliate Avatars, Affiliate Banners, Product Downloadables, and now Product Option Images). Much to our dismay, this security threat was actually published online before we even knew about it and were alerted by WordPress. Fortunately, we were able to work with the WordPress team, specifically Scott (THANKS!) and we were able to resolve the issue pretty quickly. Due to the back and forth process, the plugin wasn’t released until 48 hours later. Needless to say, if you’ve upgraded to the last patch of FoxyPress ( you are completely secure. This new update is simply for some new goodies and additional cleanup unrelated to security.

    Product Options with Images

    It seemed like a common piece of functionality among most eCommerce stores, so we added it to FoxyPress. Basically you can now add a specific image to your product option. Let’s say you’re selling a shirt with 3 color options (red/green/blue), you can now upload a specific image for each option. The template that comes with FoxyPress is made to switch out the main image if you have any product options with an image. We will be releasing some tutorials shortly on how you can “jazz” things up a bit and create images that overlay, and much more.

    Localization and Language files

    We have been fortunate enough to have help from two great people so far for translating FoxyPress. We have Dima from Ukraine and Norman from Germany. We would love to hear from our international user base in these areas for our latest additions of German, Ukrainian, and Russian for accuracy and any suggestions. We have done our best to provide the most accurate translation possible. We have included the language files in your /languages folder of the installation as well as the English translation file in case you’d like to download and help produce a file for your language.

    FoxyCart 1.0

    As some of you may know, FoxyCart has their latest store in private beta right now. The importance of this to FoxyPress is that we’ve now added a little bit of support for this. If you are testing or using the beta store somewhere with FoxyPress, you can select it from your store settings and you will be able to take advantage of the TWIG template functionality for cart, checkout, emails and receipts. It is incredibly powerful so we’d definitely urge you to check it out!

    Thank you for using FoxyPress and FoxyCart!

    Change Log Link: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/foxypress/changelog/

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