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[Updated Plugin] FoxyPress 0.4.1

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  1. New Forum and Knowledge Base

    We realize that the old forum has quite a few helpful topics in it, but we were lacking a good way to produce articles on how to use FoxyPress, not to mention a few sign in problems and other various functionality that we disliked. We discovered TenderApp, and we’re giving it a spin! It allows for us to create knowledge base articles that are searchable, as well as the fact they can be recommended based on what you’re looking for in the forums. We plan on updating this as much as possible to get all that is possible with FoxyPress into a documented area. We will try to import as many of the existing topics from the old forum as well.

    Status Management Enhancements

    We have enhanced our status management email templates. You can customize your status emails with things like tracking number, products ordered, and much more.

    User Portal Additions

    In release 0.3.8, we added functionality to our API that allows you to grab your customer’s transactions and ultimately create an order history page. In release 0.4.1 we’ve been able make this user area even better by adding affiliate stats API calls.

    Demo Store: http://demo.foxy-press.com/

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