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[updated plugin] FoxyPress 0.3.8

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  1. Thanks to some great FoxyPress users, we’ve been able to add two really cool features to the FoxyPress plug-in that will help out everyone.

    We were inspired by FoxyCart’s request panel, powered through UserVoice, and we decided to offer one specific to FoxyPress. We’ve seen quite a jump in users and feature requests, so we wanted to make this feature available to everyone and consolidate everything a bit easier than we were on the forum.We plan to see how much user feedback we receive and then decide if we can develop the requested features for free, or if we will need to provide a funding option for users to donate a portion and get the feature into FoxyPress. After all, FoxyPress grows due to user funding and ideas, so please, give us your feedback! It is important to us and all the other users.

    This is a great new feature that we’re super excited to bring to you. Thanks to the guys at WeTheDesigners, we’ve been able to develop an area that will allow users to see their past orders/transaction history. Right now, we only have the ability to see orders, but we’re hoping to improve this to become a full user portal that will give them things such as affiliate stats, past orders, and other preferences local to your store or FoxyPress install. So a user will be able to go to http://demo.foxy-press.com/user-portal/%username%/order-history and view all of their order information.

    We’ve provided a base file for you to drop in your theme folder for now, but we will have a better example in the coming days/weeks. Stand by for that


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