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[Updated Plugin] FoxyPress 0.3.7

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  1. We’re proud to present to you some new features of FoxyPress today. They are outlined below. Let us know if you have any questions.

    Advanced Email Template Functionality:

    We’ve upgraded our email template management to allow you to set an email template to be triggered for a specific product purchase. So for instance, if you had a product that you wanted to send rebate information with, you could now set this from the product add/edit view in WordPress. Simply create your template and then set the dropdown values accordingly. Please read more about the functionality here.

    Coupon Code Generation and Reporting:

    We’ve had requests to allow for coupon code generation for a product. At the moment, these coupons do not work with your FoxyCart coupons, but what it would allow you to do is generate a list of coupons per product and then input them into FoxyCart admin or provide to another merchant if you were offering a deal for them. We’ve found a few uses for it, but hopefully you all find more! Let us know how you implement this new feature.

    If you have any questions or comments - send us an email! adam.woloszyn@webmovementllc.com

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