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  1. Here is yet another mini FoxyPress update for all you users. We’ve added some different items to the packing slip, along with upgrades to the affiliate management area functionality. Grab the update today!

    Affiliate Functionality
    The new affiliate discount functionality is pretty sweet! Thanks to Trinity Hockey Co. for contributing towards this great new feature. The idea is that sometimes you might want to offer your affiliates an amount of money back for having customers purchase through their affiliate links, but you might also want to give those customers viewing the products a discount in conjunction with the kick back. This has been accomplished and can be set through the user detail page for any affiliate.

    Important Upgrade notes:

    Make sure you’re using foxypress_GetActualPrice in any templates or it will not work correctly.

    Check any products that might have 0.00 as sale pricing.

    Curious about FoxyPress? For more information and download information check out our website: http://www.foxy-press.com/

    Happy Holidays!
    WebMovement, LLC Staff

    Posted: 2 years #

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