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[Updated Plugin] FoxyPress 0.3.6

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  1. In this version of FoxyPress, we fixed a decent amount of bugs and added some cool new features. Order Management and Affiliate Management were both enhanced in this update, along with the way we deal with deactivations. We owe thanks to HIDSRUS for funding the email management solution.

    Email Management Solution
    FoxyPress allows you to manage email templates that you can send out with each individual order. These emails can contain information that is specific to a product, or maybe you want to send a follow up to see how a product is working for your customer.

    FoxyPress is developed and implemented soley by WebMovement, LLC. Additional FoxyPress fixes and features will be added based on forum user requests. If you require custom functionality, please contact us directly at admin@foxy-press.com and we can build what you need.


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