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  1. This update to FoxyPress brings a few very usable items to those of you who are switching to the beta version of 0.7.2. We’ve implemented new subscription support that FoxyCart provides through their new Subscription DataFeed. We’ve also implemented the ability to easily cache your cart, checkout, receipt, and email templates through the WordPress Dashboard. There are a few features that are missing from the functionality due to API limitations, but we are certain that full support will be made available as soon as possible.

    We also implemented a small feature that was brought to our attention for the affiliate program. Simply sending an email notification to users that have payments marked on their account was something we forgot to do in the main release. Thanks for letting us know!

    We also finished up a store build for UtiqueShop.com. Please go check out their store. It is using custom product templates, API use and a whole lot more. It is also in the showcase with the rest of our sites.

    Last but not least, we’ve started a new Twitter handle as we’d like to keep FoxyPress updates separate from our main WebMovement account. Please feel free to give both a follow! Thank you.

    visit FoxyPress here: www.foxy-press.com

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