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[Updated Plugin] Contextual Related Posts

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  1. Name: Contextual Related Posts
    License: GPL
    Product info page: http://ajaydsouza.com/wordpress/plugins/contextual-related-posts/
    WordPress page: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/contextual-related-posts/

    Contextual Related Posts is a powerful plugin for WordPress that allows you to display a list of related posts on your website and in your feed.

    The list is based on the content of the title and/or content of the posts which makes them more relevant and more likely to be of interest to your readers. This allows you to retain visitors, reduce bounce rates and refresh old entries.


    * Added: New function related posts() that allows you to manually add posts to your theme
    * Added: Support for Video Thumbnails plugin
    * Added: Thumbnail settings now reflect max width and max height instead of fixed width and height
    * Added: Option to display thumbnails before or after the title
    * Added: Option to not display thumbnails instead of the default thumbnail
    * Added: Plugin now uses InnoDB instead of MyISAM if your server is running mySQL v5.6 or higher
    * Modified: Cleaner Settings page interface
    * Modified: Updated FAQ page

    Posted: 2 years #
  2. I have updated the plugin to v1.8. Changes are as follows:

    * Modified: Replaced id attribute with class tag on non-singular pages. On singular pages it will display both id and class
    * Added: Option to use timthumb to create thumbnail images (turned ON by default)
    * Added: Support for WordPress Custom Post Types
    * Added: New Custom Styles tab to allow you to easily style the output
    * Modified: New "default.png" file based on from KDE’s Oxygen icon set

    Posted: 2 years #
  3. I have released v1.8.3 of the plugin. Changes are as below:

    * Added: Widget support. Widget display follows the same settings as having the related posts after content.
    * Added: Exclude posts and pages by ID
    * Modified: Optimised performance when automatic insertion into content is turned off
    * Modified: Plugin uses the default excerpt if it is set, else it creates one based on content. Both settings respect the excerpt length set in the plugin
    * Modified: Fixed some language related issues. If you would like to translate the plugin or update a translation, please contact me.
    * Deleted: Redundant option to exclude display of the related posts on pages. You can use the custom post types feature instead
    * Added: Chinese language file

    Posted: 2 years #

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