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[Updated Plugin] Cleverness To-Do List 3.0

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  1. This plugin provides users with a to-do list feature.

    You can configure the plugin to have private to-do lists for each user, to have all users share a to-do list, or to have a master list with individual completion of items. The shared to-do list has a variety of settings available. You can assign to-do items to a specific user (includes a setting to email a new to-do item to the assigned user) and optionally have those items only viewable by that user. You can also assign different permission levels using capabilities. There are also settings to show deadline and progress fields. Category support is included as well as front-end administration.

    A new menu item is added to the backend to manage your list and the to-do list is also listed on a dashboard widget.

    A sidebar widget is available as well as shortcode to display the to-do list items on your site.

    There are two shortcodes for front-end administration of the list. Management of categories is restricted to the back-end.

    Download: To-Do List Plugin
    Author Website: cleverness.org

    License: GPL v2

    Posted: 2 years #

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