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    WordPress Help Desk Plugin -Version 2.0 Released!

    The [URL="http://wordpresshelpdesk.net"]WordPress Help Desk Plugin[/URL] is the perfect solution to offer a feature packed help desk to your customers. Check out some of the features of the WordPress Help Desk Plugin:

    Unlimited Accounts For Staff

    Unlimited Categories

    Unlimited Canned Responses

    Multiple File Attachments

    Multiple Ticket Search Options Including Keyword Search

    Advanced Ticket Filtering Options

    Staff & Customer Email Notifications Of Tickets & Replies

    Automatically Close Tickets After Certain Amount Of Days

    Control How Many Tickets To Display Per Page

    Option To Reopen Tickets Or Not

    Completely Customizable Email Notification Templates

    Works With Your Existing WordPress Blog/Site Subscribers

    NEW in Version 2.0 – Support for Rich Text/HTML in tickets. Add your company logo or custom signature to canned responses. Customers can now embed images into tickets.

    NEW in Version 2.0 – Ability for users to search for keywords in closed tickets.

    NEW in Version 2.0 – Ability for administrators and staff to open new support tickets.

    NEW in Version 2.0 – Language translation. Translate WPHD into any language.

    NEW in Version 2.0 – Bulk Tickets – Administrators can now open a support ticket to all or multiple selected customers. You can also permit selected staff members to open and manage bulk tickets. This feature is great when you want to make an announcement to all, or a certain set of customers. You can also add files to the bulk tickets to easily allow file download access for all customers. Customers can also reply individually to bulk tickets.

    NEW in Version 2.0 - Administrators now have the ability to select all, or some tickets and mark them closed. The same function allows multiple deletion of tickets.

    The following list contains just a few of the business types that can benefit by using the WordPress Help Desk Plugin to offer support for their customers:

    Web Hosts

    Software Vendors (especially Micro-ISV’s)

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Providers

    Domain Registration Companies

    Websites that offer WordPress Plugins

    Web Stores

    Resellers of all types

    The above is just a partial list of the types of businesses that can use the WordPress Help Desk Plugin.

    Even if your website isn’t currently using the WordPress platform, you can still use the WordPress Help desk Plugin on a new installation of WordPress. In fact, you can set up a WordPress site, add the WordPress Help desk Plugin and have yourself a standalone Help Desk for your business.

    Visit http://wordpresshelpdesk.net

    Demo: http://www.wordpresshelpdesk.net/demo/

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