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[Updated Plugin] wpStoreCart ecommerce for Wordpress

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  1. Name: wpStoreCart
    License: LGPL
    Product demo page: Wordpress Ecommerce Plugin
    Product info page (with download link): http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpstorecart/

    In the last 2 months since we posted here, we've made 11 new releases, which included 15 new features. New features included product accessories, combos, group discounts, new orders view, detailed orders page, new customers administration, customer searches, XDebug support, unit testing, & much more! Here's the full changelog since we last posted here 2 months ago:

    = 2.5.5 =
    * Added: Can now specify pre-uploaded files for use with product's downloads
    * Added: Began adding unit testing to wpStoreCart.

    = 2.5.4 =
    * Fixed: patched an issue that allowed html from a product to be displayed in wp-admin > wpStoreCart > Edit Products
    * Added: Mockpress added to assist in automatic unit testing using PHPUnit

    = 2.5.3 =
    * Fixed: Testing mode was enabled accidentally on 2.5.2. This update simply turns it off.

    = 2.5.2 =
    * Added: Related items & accessories, including discounts and combo packs.
    * Added: By default, clicking add to cart will now redirect to the checkout page
    * Fixed: there was an issue with group discounts not applying to the main page. This has been fixed.
    * Updated: Switched to NicEdit instead of TinyMCE in the administration due to new issues with TinyMCE and Wordpress 3.3 beta
    * Updated: Added Qty (quantity) to the Language settings
    * Fixed: the invisible login and register buttons should now appear
    * Fixed: patched a few minor issues with Quickbooks Merchant Services payment gateway
    * Fixed: Uploads will now attempt to chmod to 655 permissions automatically
    * Updated: Updated to ShareYourCart version 2.0 (Commented out while issues are resolved however)
    * Fixed: Login widget now takes the "Other button classes" and has the .wpsc-button and .wpsc-login-button classes attached to it
    * Updated: By default, new installs will now see the price in grid and list views
    * Fixed: There were multiple CSS issues on the Overview/MyStore page that were fixed
    * Added: XDebug support added when using TESTING MODE. This is so that the wpStoreCart developers can use XDebug to easily debug the Ajax code in Netbeans.
    * Fixed: 2CO now redirects after IPN call
    * Updated: Every method inside the wpStoreCart class now contains proper PHPDOC blocks.
    * Updated: PHPUnit testing implementation started

    = 2.5.1 =
    * Fixed: There was an issue with the settings variable being renamed.

    = 2.5.0 =
    * Updated: Changes the Orders and Coupons pages so that they match the rest of the admin panel by having icons
    * Added: Customers admin page
    * Added: Add Users to Group admin page
    * Added: Added Customer Profile, including the ability to see what each user currently has in their cart
    * Added: Added a new Detailed Order admin page
    * Updated: Improved the remove from cart functionality
    * Added: Got wpStoreCart prepared for Wordpress 3.3. wpStoreCart 2.4.x had several issues with Wordpress 3.3 beta 1, which are fixed in this version.
    * Fixed: Resolved an Authorize.NET error message
    * Updated: Database schema updated for the wpstorecart_categories table, adding 4 new fields to enable the group discount functionality.
    * Added: You can now uninstall wpStoreCart completely, deleting all products, settings, coupons, orders, etc.
    * Fixed: Bug on Edit Product page that sometimes resulted in hidden products on the sortable page.

    = 2.4.14 =
    * Fixed: Page pagination now displays correctly on ALL category pages.
    * Updated: Stream lined the main wpStoreCart menu in the Wordpress admin panel

    = 2.4.13 =
    * Fixed: Page pagination now displays correctly on category pages.

    = 2.4.12 =
    * Added: Skrill/Moneybookers added to wpStoreCart PRO and Payments PRO.

    = 2.4.11 =
    * Fixed: Subcategories now display when you click on a parent category.

    = 2.4.10 =
    * Added: The Category page now allows you to upload images directly
    * Added: The product Add and Edit pages now show the current thumbnail for the product
    * Fixed: Corrected class attributes when browsing products from specific categories.
    * Updated: Changed the affiliate and statistics page for regular users
    * Updated: Add and Edit products no longer displays the description by default.
    * Updated: Category page no longer asks for post ID
    * Fixed: There was an issue on wpStoreCart installations that do not properly set the cart's session. The issue was that during checkout, when a user registered, it would drop all their cart contents. This has been fixed.

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