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[Update Wordpress Theme] NomNom Twenty Eleven child theme

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  1. Name - NomNom 1.7
    License - GPL
    Download, Info and Screenshots - http://zeaks.org/nomnom-twenty-eleven-child-theme/

    - Added mobile menu style. Menus should look better on mobile devices.
    - Added default color scheme colors to the bottom of submenus
    - Added 5 new Google fonts Ubuntu, Droid, Playfair, Lato, Rokkitt
    - Added a footer menu area.
    - Added new wp-pagenavi styles and new default page navigation styles CSS3.
    - Added feature to display adsense ads on single posts and pages. 468×60 and 250×250. One displays at the bottom, the other within the post top left.
    - Added feature to display copywrite year based on first and last published post date, displays in the footer.
    - Added a custom child dark color scheme function to fix color issues (navigation, footer menu, wp-pagenavi etc) and allow styling of it.
    - Added a new Help & Tips tab with instructions, css snippets and links to snippets on the forums. Will update as needed.
    - Added IE conditional stylesheet styleIE.css
    - Added a custom-functions.php to users to include their own functions.
    - Added a site wide comment switch. This will turn the “Leave a reply” link, comment form, and comments on/off on all posts and pages.

    Lots of other small fixes and features added as well. Final version.

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