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Typographic, a tumblelog-like theme for WordPress

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to let all of you know about Typographic, a tumblelog-like theme I created to use with WordPress.


    • Automatic styles for quotes according to their length
    • Automatic styles for conversations; just use this format:<br>
      Uno: Lorem ipsum<br>
      Dos: dolor sit amet...
    • XHTML 1.0 Transitional + CSS
    • Each post will have a class according to its type, so you can easily play around with your CSS
    • Minimalist style
    • Localization support: original code in english, includes an spanish translation which can also be used to translate it to other languages
    • Plugins support: Ultimate Tag Warrior 3, Related Entries, Related Posts (you should only use one of these two), WP Digg Style Pagination Plugin.
    • Includes Slimbox, a lightweight Lighbox clone, developed with mootools. To use it, you only have to add the attribute rel="lightbox" on the links that point to full version images.
    • Free software under GNU General Public License, version 2
    • Easy configuration thanks to Wordpress Theme Toolkit.
    • Careful selection of typography, uses the new Vista fonts for a better look

    More info and download on: http://www.yukei.net/proyectos/typographic/typographic-english-documentation/

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