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Twitter The Secret To Sucess

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    Is there really a big secret to Twitter? Can you get 10,000 followers over night? Is twitter the number one social media site you should count on? first off lets get to know that there is no big secret to Twitter thousands of blogger have driven loads of traffic from twitter and given up how they did it for free. The are some Twitter programs that can get you a lot of followers every day, but 10,000 is crazy. The most I'd say you could get in a day is 400 followers. When I first started my blog Twitter was the site that started all of my traffic.

    How many visitors can you get from twitter? I would probably say that every 1,000 followers you have you get at least 10 visitors a day depending on how many times you tweet every day.I normally tweet a minimum of 20 times a day, no more than thirty. Now your thinking why don't you just tweet everyday 100 times. The answer to that is, because you will be reported as spam, which will end up in you not haveing any followers and having to rebuild your entire account. :(

    How do you build your account to where you can get tens of thousands of visitors? What and most of the pros do is follow about 300 people everyday then 2 days later unfollow everyone who did not follow you back. If you do this over and over day after day then you will be able to reach thousands of followers. And this is what I recommend doing when you have over 50,000 followers, is to unfollow everyone. You may lose about a 1,000 followers, but a ton of followers will come in the future.

    Here are some short cuts I found in Twitter. There is a website called mass-follow.com you can automatically follow 100 people at a time. Make sure you don't use this often though, because it does not follow all related followers. One other short cut is the demo of Tweet Adder. In the demo you can unfollow people as much as you want and it unfollows every one that is not following you automatically. The demo of Tweet Adder you can use when ever you want I have found nothing wrong with it!
    By: Joe at Wordpress Goldmine Make Money Blogging On Wordpress
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