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Turbocharged 2.4.0 is out

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  1. Here’s the official change announcement:

    <span id="more-85"></span>

    • Updated bundled WordPress to 2.2, for the bundled packages
    • Updated the free plugins bundle to 2.0.2, as a result:
      • Added a Don’t throttle comments plugin, for proxy-accelerated hosts
      • Removed Widgets plugin (now in core)
      • Removed widgetized themes (builtin themes already widgetized)
      • Updated CC configurator to 1.0
      • Fixed a bug in the Digg this plugin
      • Fixed an error in table creation on the bsuite plugin
      • Added the StripTease plugin
      • Added the Reddit button plugin
      • Fixed Rich Boakes’ Google Analytics plugin adding double onclicks
      • Added Gengo 0.9 multilingual plugin
      • Fixed several stock plugins to work with Gengo

    Get it now!

    Posted: 7 years #

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