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Travelofe 1.0 Wordpress Theme

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  1. Theme name: Travelofe
    Description: Travelofe is a simple travel Wordpress theme and it is very clean & sleek. It supports all Wordpress 3.0 features.

    Screenshot: http://usvacationcabinrental.com/downloads/travelofe-screenshot.jpg
    License: GPL
    Demo: http://usvacationcabinrental.com/wpdemo/travelofe/
    Download: http://usvacationcabinrental.com/downloads/travelofe.zip

    Posted: 3 years #
  2. Nice and clean looking theme. My only suggestion would be to add some styling for the Links and Archives page templates. The bullet points are squished up to the edge of the content area. To illustrate what I mean, below are 2 screenshots.

    Here is a screenshot of the Links page template.

    Here is a screenshot of the Archives page template.

    Posted: 3 years #
  3. Does your theme have a product info page or post? I'd love to feature you theme in one of our theme digests, but we feel that our readers deserve a bit more than a screenshot and a direct download link.

    Posted: 3 years #
  4. Len @ Thanks for the heads up, I overlooked this part. I've fixed the problem and have updated the download link.

    jhuff @ I've created a support page for this theme so that I could provide assistance, fix bugs and for future improvement.

    Can you show me example of how a product info page look like? I'm more than happy to add that into this theme.

    Please let me know if there is something else that could be improved. Thanks!

    Posted: 3 years #
  5. My bad. product info page = support page lol

    Posted: 3 years #
  6. That's perfect, thanks!

    Posted: 3 years #
  7. Actually, your .zip archive is corrupt and not decompressing.

    Posted: 3 years #
  8. Ok. I've fixed the link. Thanks!

    Posted: 3 years #
  9. Hi corleone,

    When trying to decompress the ZIP with 7-ZIP I get the following message,

    Windows cannot open the folder. The Compressed (zipped) Folder ... is invalid.

    Posted: 3 years #
  10. I'm terribly sorry for the hassle. I just checked the download link and I found that I uploaded the zip file in ASCII. I've reuploaded the zip file and tested it using WINRAR, WinZip and 7-Zip and it's good to go.

    Posted: 3 years #
  11. Thanks!

    Posted: 3 years #

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