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  1. Name: NetAmong

    License: Free

    Product demo page: http://www.netamong.com/statistics/index.php?siteid=1

    Product info page: http://www.netamong.com/

    NetAmong monitors your site for you 24 / 7, so you can easily check how many people were simultaneously online at your website for the past 24 hours through NetAmong chart where the upper line shows the maximum count of simultaneous visitors, the lower line shows their minimum count and the middle line shows the average while the last point of it shows the instant online visitors at the current moment !
    More over you can check these data along the past 31 days, the past 12 months and the past 5 years !

    A list of popular pages currently viewed by your visitors, total number of current online visitors at each page and the percentage of each page instant visitors compared to the total instant visitors of your site !
    More over you can view the period since the last instant visit of each page and where its visitor is currently online from !

    NetAmong interactive maps could pinpoint exactly where the instant visitors of your website are online from, beside showing the old visit locations since when you have embedded NetAmong code in your site !
    These maps have different views including the plane default map, satellite map, terrain map, hybrid map and a roadmap, each of which gives you the ability to zoom in to view every visit exact location on the map!

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