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Top 5 WordPress Themes (previously released)

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  1. Top 5 WordPress Themes (onewaylinks.co.uk)

    1 Star Press - 5698 page views, 590 downloads
    2 Multi Blog Header - 5484 page views, 479 downloads
    3 Under Water - 4785 page views, 453 downloads
    4 Weblog Magazine (recently relaunched) - 2981 page views, 316 downloads
    5 Its a Boy - 2547 page views, 307 downloads

    Star Press is by far our most popular WP theme to date and is being used by many quality blogs the world over.

    Released on 5th August 2008 it has recieved 590 downloads via our website alone.

    The theme was also released at 10 of the most popular free wordpress theme download sites (plus here at Weblog Tools Collections) and quickly became a top downloaded theme amongst users wishing to use it for personal blogs, business blogs, general blogs and many more a different use.

    To test Star Press 1.0, and download the theme, visit Star Press 1.0 or alternatively vist our themes for anyone of our top 5 listed themes above. All are free to use and run on WP 2.3 - 2.7 versions.

    We would like to send a special thanks to Weblog Tools Collection for after having originally posted the theme for release here in 08/08 received many downloads and added to making this a top popular theme.

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