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To track visitors location and show their location

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  1. chrislim2888

    IP2Map(TM) tracks and displays the 100 most recent visitors browsing your blog site. It displays you the information of where the visitors come from (city, region and country) and the visiting time in an organized table format as well as a graphical map plot. This plugin is absolutely free, thanks to the geo location technology powered by IP2Location.com. Furthermore, there is no registration, sign up, programming or database installation are required in order to use this plugin. It just plug-n-play, as simple as that.

    We believe this tool is important in marketing, security, search engine optimization, and many other application usages. That's also part of the reason IP2Map(TM) is proud to offer this tool for free to all webmasters who want to provide better tools to their visitors/customers, to perform more effective marketing, and improve their site tracking.

    License: FREE
    Download URL: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ip2map/

    Posted: 2 years #

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