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[Theme Upadate] SWIFT v-5.67, Every bloggers dream theme

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  1. Hello,
    I released a major update of my theme yesterday. Apart from the awesome features listed here
    new version includes
    # Anew home page layout.
    # Custom buttons to the WordPress editor so that you can easily insert tips,warnings,notes, questions and buttons into your posts to make your posts eye candy.
    # SWIFT now uses CSS sprites. Using CSS Sprites I was able to reduce the page size by 35KB and the number of http requests by 13. SWIFT is now faster than before.
    # Custom post RoundUps, which makes posting roundups a breeze.
    # More customization options for the fonts section.
    # Stylesheet to the WordPress editor, your post will now look exactly the same way as it looks in the editor.
    # Option to add ad’s to your RSS feed.


    Download SWIFT

    Hope you all try it, like it and provide your valuable feedback :)

    Satish Gandham

    Posted: 3 years #

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