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Swift Basic with color schemes

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  1. Swift basic is the free version of the popular wordpress theme Swift.

    Apart from having a very simple and easily customizable layout, here is the list of features that make Swift special.
    * Three built in color schemes
    • Clean responsive layout with a text widget specific for mobile layout. This widget is not displayed/loaded when the site is viewed on mobile device.
    • Neatly grouped color options where users can customize almost every element of the theme.
    • Option to import color schemes and share it with other Swift users. Planning to start a market place where users can sell/buy color schemes very soon.
    • Probably the only theme on the repository to have nofollow credit link.
    • Plugin compatibility settings where users can disable certain styles from the theme if a plugin causes problems or CSS rules clash.
    • Only the CSS and JS your theme configuration needs are loaded.
    • Uses base64 images to reduce the number of http requests.
    • Context aware hooks http://swiftthemes.com/hooks-and-filters-in-swift/
    * Custom widgets.

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