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Supercharged 1.9.0, a plugin power pack for WordPress, is out

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  1. Here's the list of changes:

    - Upgraded to WordPress 2.0.3 (plus the comment "Are you sure" bug workaround)
    - Added inline AJAX more plugin
    - Added Adhesive plugin
    - Added My IFRAME widget
    - Added custom querystring plugin
    - Added search in comments plugin
    - Added more advanced ThickBox plugin, removing anieto2k's plugin
    - Added AdSense injector plugin
    - Added BlogSpy integrator plugin
    - Added WP-SlimStat plugin, with quick fix for Supercharged
    - Deleted del.icio.us cached plugin (since the widget already does that)

    Get your blog Supercharged today!

    Posted: 8 years #

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