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Supercharged 1.8.0 is out!

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  1. Supercharged version 1.8.0, code name "Honey, I enlarged Supercharged", is out, and new functionality is the name of the game.

    Version 1.8.0 added the following plugins:

    - Google Analyticator: Integrates the required code for Google Analytics to work on your blog
    - Sideblog Wordpress Plugin: Lets you run a sidebar mini-blog
    - ThickBox Plugin: Lets you load any URL/page in a floating frame, a la LightBox
    - Installer: Helps you install any WordPress plugin or theme
    - WP Flickr Post Bar: Integrates Flickr on your edit screen -- useful to add Flickr images quickly
    - Digg This!: Automatically detects if any of your pages has been Dugg, and displays a Digg link on them
    - iG:CoComment: Improves CoComment tracking functionality on your blog
    - Angsuman's Multipage Plugin: Adds a multipage control on your post editor
    - WP Paypal Donate Widgets: Lets you add a PayPal donation button on your sidebar
    - Del.icio.us Integrator: Integrates your Del.icio.us bookmarks on a separate page
    - Del.icio.us Cached++: Shows the most recent Del.icio.us links on your sidebar
    - Anarchy Media Player: Lets readers play QuickTime, FLV and MP3 links to files on an embedded player
    - DBook: Lets you add forward/back navigation links on pages, according to your page structure
    - Del.icio.us - Bookmark This!: Lets you add a Bookmark This link on pages and posts

    WP-Sociable was also updated to version 1.2.

    Oh, and the RevvedUp and Burnin' R themes were updated for bug fixes as well.

    Well, don't just stand there! Get Supercharged today and start making your blog a nicer place for your readers!

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