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SparkStats and Extended Tagging plugins

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  1. Over at alwaysBETA, we've got two new plugins up and running. Links to download within.

    The first is SparkStats, which lets you create sparkline images of recent post and comments stats. See it in action at alwaysBETA.

    The second is Extended Tagging, which lets you create hidden Technorati tags. Sometimes people use tags for categories on their own site and don't want to pollute the tag cloud with too many extra tags - Extended Tagging lets you add in extra Technorati tags without filling up your tag cloud.

    Posted: 8 years #
  2. golddave

    I tried the SparkStats plugin on my site. I get nothing from it. The code that I pasted to my blog (as per instructions) give me nothing. I get the alt text and that's it.

    Posted: 8 years #

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