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SensitiveTagCloud Widget - Only related Tags. Only visible under your conditions

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  1. This wordpress plugin provides a configurable tagcloud that shows tags depending of the current context only.
    For example the tagcloud shows only tags that really occur in the current category, within the current date-, author-, tag- archive or your search results.
    And the widget can be configured to be only visible if viewing a tag archive, category, a sinlge post or even only if viewing the searchresults for example.
    It is also possible to restrict the links of the tag cloud to the current viewing tag archive or category: If you click on the tag “test1″ within the tag cloud of the tag archive of “test2″ the target page will only contain posts that have both tags.
    Of course, the style and sizes of the tagcloud can be configured.

    Plugin Website: http://www.rene-ade.de/inhalte/wordpress-plugin-sensitivetagcloud.html

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